Thanksgiving Twist: How to Host a Friendsgiving and Baegiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and by now you may know whom you plan to spend that time with or at the very least who you will not. If you’ve never cooked a full course meal on the scale of a Thanksgiving feast as yet but would like to attempt to or better yet having a gathering to celebrate good friends with a Friendsgiving or your significant other with a Baegiving; this gives you the perfect opportunity to test out your full course meal skills on a smaller scale. Read on for tips to make your Thanksgiving celebration both memorable and fantastic. 

Guest List

First and foremost is the invite list, find out who you’ll like to invite, keep the list small—as you don’t want to overwhelm yourself. I suggest about three to four friends who may not have concrete thanksgiving plans themselves. If you’re opting for Baegiving, bae meaning “before anyone else”, then you may cook solely for yourself and your significant other or invite another couple to join.


Your budget and your guest-list go hand in hand; in fact, you can make a budget prior to the guest-list as the number of attendees can reflect how much you intend to spend, the fewer people, the less dough you have to spend. Disclaimer: This is not a potluck, this is an intimate gathering–so the funds, time and energy should be solely on the organizer. However, if someone offers to help with the purchases then that’s a score!


Next up is your meal; which is also the most important aspect of Thanksgiving. I recommend having staple items that your guests expect and that you enjoy. You may also have a couple of items that you want to try and make just to add your own signature to your dinner gathering.54ead6c039511_-_thanksgiving-retro-food-1114-xln

  • Purchase a small turkey or just a turkey breast instead of a normal size turkey.
  • Have traditional foods per your culture or guests cultures such as Baked Mac & Cheese, Pumpkin pie, cultural meats, and desserts. 
  • Leave a little wiggle room in your budget for liquor. A budget friendly version would be to buy 1 white vodka, 1 brown, 1 wine and 1 multi-can beverage such as BudLight Lime-A-Rita. This way you have 1 of each. You can even opt to make a signature punch.



Having themed decor is based on personal preference. I have the perfect minimal effort and minimal expense table centerpiece idea.

  • Gather pinecones from outside: For a glam look; get a can of silver and/or gold spray paint and spray the cones. For a rustic look leave pines cones as is. Place in a clear glass bowl or cylinder. To add another element of decor, purchase orange or red tall candles from the dollar store and bam! You have an elegant centerpiece.

For other ideas check Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest oh did I saw Pinterest? There’s a slew of decor ideas to suit your needs and while you’re there be sure you Follow us (shameless plug I know)


Lastly are the games; I love Charades and it’s something that people seem to enjoy and everyone knows how to play. For a kinky-er bunch there’s Cards Against Humanity or why not pull out the old Monopoly and have a real wager for the winner. Full tummies, booze, friends, and money sounds like a joyful night to me!


Have a Happy Friendsgiving & Baegiving to you all!

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