Vagina Lipstick, Should You Try It or Live Without It

Vagina Whhhaaaaattt??? Yes, you read that right there is a new company that created vagina lipstick. Just when you’ve thought you’ve heard it all here comes something new. Bizzare by the very least standards, to think all this time your vajayjay was doing quite fine but you may have a need for lipstick down–there.

V Magic Feminine Lips Stick boast the tag line, “Because your other lips get dry too!”V Magic


This is a balm like product made from natural ingredients such as organic Avacado oil and propolis that’s used on the external parts surrounding your vagina known as your vulva. It helps provide moisturization, helps ease discomfort, claims to remove and prevent odor, reduce inflammation from ingrown hairs, and provides a honey flavor for intimate activity.

While this all sounds good, take a moment to think about this for a moment, most vagina issues are internal therefore how can this product provide odor relief. If at all it may mask an issue that needs to be examined by a medical professional. It’s also ironic that V-Magic states “Recommended #1 choice by gynecologists, pharmacies, & women’s health clinics” yet cites no sources from an actual gynecologist.


We’ve found an actual credible source provided from The Huffington Post from Dr. Maria Isabel Rodriguez, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Oregon Health and Science University. Dr. Rodriguez states:

It concerns me that products like these perpetuate the idea that there is something inherently wrong with women’s reproductive organs ― that they need a balm, a shampoo or perfume.

The vagina is virtually self-cleaning, it’s supposed to smell, and symptoms like itching, discomfort and unusual odors can be signs of a health issue that needs professional attention. Although the balm can also be used for things like chafing, rash and ingrown hairs, Rodriguez said those can be remedied by using a warm compresses and gentle exfoliation and not picking at your skin.

While this product may be helpful for some it’s worth mentioning it’s not necessary! Don’t get caught up in the hype of a new product. My logical suggestion would be to put a little petroleum jelly down there if dryness is your problem and voila!

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