1 Year Anniversary: Letter from the Editor

1 Year Blog Anniversary Cake

Hi Guys!

One year ago today, I sat at my laptop determined to hit the “live” button to launch this blog. I chose the 24th for its significance and not being able to forget that date because it’s the date I was born. One year went rather fast, at times I struggled with finding topics to write about. I wanted to write amazing posts–no fluff posts, I rather quality over quantity; I think I’ve achieved that. Another goal was to increase my readership and I’m still pursuing that.

Embarking on a new year I plan to release products on the shop page and begin e-mail correspondence. The posting schedule will remain the same with new content every other Wednesday. I strive to continue to bring my audience compelling mainstream articles from a woman’s perspective. I encourage you to stop by often, share the blog with friends and even connect with me.

I may not have set the world on fire,
But neither have I gone down in flames!
Within me remains a burning desire
To achieve every one of my aims.-Damian Murphy

Thanks for your support!

Deja, XoXo

-The Luxe Fare

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