Falling for Fall: Quick Tips Guide

Recently you glanced at the time, and thought to yourself, “it looks more like 8 o’clock than 7 o’clock outside”,-yeah we’re approaching daylight savings. If you’re anything like me then you hate having shorter days. People like me thrive on the sun, our moods are partly based on the weather and sunlight. One good thing that we can count on is the cool breeze that Autumn brings with it and more opportunity to let your fashion sense shine with layers and a mix of summer and winter style– aaaah my fav! but in order to truly appreciate all that the change of season has to offer you must be prepared.

Here’s my list of 4 ways for a smooth transition to Fall


Black CoupleIf you’re single it’s time to get a boo and get one fast! This is the time of year when you spend less time with your friends and more time with your significant other. The darker it is outside and with colder temperatures we tend to stay inside more and hibernate so this is a great time to zone in on someone of interest– and who knows it may flourish into something lasting longer than just a couple seasons.


Fall ClothesNow is the perfect time to begin shopping or at least building an online favorite list of must-have pieces. Items such as light sweaters, boots and especially winter items are good to purchase at the end of Summer before prices increase. You’ll find the best deals online and most companies offer free shipping on items over $50, just make sure you’re familiar with the retailers sizing, no one likes returning ill-fitting clothing– I still haven’t made it to the post office from my last clothing haul.


Airline ticketYour loved ones may live in other states, this is the perfect time to figure out Holiday plans and plan accordingly such as saving for flights. As you know flights spike during the holidays so it may be best to purchase ahead of time or at least set a fare watch on your favorite airline. A tidbit is to by airlines tickets on Tuesdays as they’re always cheaper on that day.


Woman eating pieNo going overboard on food just because you can hide your bloat under all that outerwear. We tend to eat more during this season but just remember how quickly Spring comes around. Did you have your Summer body Summer 16?… Keep this in mind “No food is as good as looking good feels”. A hot body is never out of season but your clothes will be once Spring rolls around.


Do you have more ideas on how to transition to Fall? Leave them below in comments

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