The Luxe Fare has the most luxurious lashes on the market. Our strip lashes are made from real mink fur—not the artificial synthetics other sellers refer to as “mink”. Mink fur is 100% natural so it provides a beautiful natural sheen and is super lightweight and very flexible, giving a feather-like wispy look. Our lashes are cruelty-free and fully handmade.

Luxe ‘Classic’ Mink Lash

Achieve a “Classic” individual lash extension look with our strip lashes, better yet? no fill-ins required!


Luxe ‘Flirt’ Mink Lash

Flirt is perfect for a night out or weekend wear. Lashes start out thinner near the tear ducts then are thicker and fuller throughout—achieving a slightly understated yet gorgeous look.


Luxe ‘Glam’ Mink Lashes

Turn heads in our Glam lashes. When they ask, “Where did you get your lashes from?” tell them, “The Luxe Fare”. Perfect for when you want to be a little extra and of course glamorous!


Care Instructions: Reusable with care. Wash in lukewarm, remove debris and let air dry. 

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